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Features: lightly flashing images, spit-Play, anal penetration with toy during vaginal penetration, fingers in mouth, nipple biting, pussy licking, blowjob, cum-in-mouth.


About the film

We are all about fluids here at Thousand Faces. Though we have touched on it before, spit-play is something we’re so into that we’ve long thought it deserved it’s own film. Going back to our musical, colourful, rhythmic, montage roots, we illuminate every drop of holy nectar, celebrating everything salivatory. To highlight the slick, slow, delicious wetness up close, we decided to go with a neon-drenched look and lighting style, perfectly suited to the driving synth-wave soundtrack that continues our tradition of porn music as foreground, rather than background.

We still can’t stop marvelling at the luminous performance of Blue Honey, who trusted us with their first ever shoot (and has performed in many more since), alongside myself (Marcus) this time also on cinematography duties for the first time in a long time, alongside my usual directing, editing, colour grading, and music composition 🙂

Featuring Blue Honey, and Marcus Quillan