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Features: Spanking, Spit, POV, Cum-in-Mouth.

About the film

This holiday, forget ‘his & hers’, why not enjoy the best of both simultaneously? At Thousand Faces we feel like P.O.V. (Point Of View) porn gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s often super male-gazey & the hallmark of dudes-with-cameras claiming to be photographers. But done right, it can really immerse you in the experience of receiving pleasure regardless of gender. For our spin on the genre we thought: why not double the POV, make it a mutual Christmas present, & create Parallel Orgasm Vision?

Charlie Ten returns to Thousand Faces after far too long, having starred in and co-written our early film London Clown. See if you can spot the musical references to that film’s soundtrack, as well as a classic Xmas tune…

Featuring Charlie Ten and Marcus Quillan