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Paint Me Like…



Features: Spanking, Caning, Strap-On, Squirting, Roleplay, Teacher-Student, Domination & Submission, Fem-Dom, Punishment

About the film

Blake and I have been wanting to work together for years, and this is one of the first ideas they came up with at one of our early meetings. The theatricality of the triangular teacher-student-model power dynamic is the perfect reflection of both our areas of interest and ‘brands’, it being Blake’s own fantasy to be periodically interrupted while painting, to receive discipline, as we see how this gradually affects the art, and of course horniness, of those involved: Lola Marie returning to Thousand Faces to admire and be admired from a-far once again before being welcomed into the action, and Scarlot Rose bringing her strictest domme energy to orchestrate the scene.  Marcus x


Featuring Pandora/Blake, Lola Marie, & Scarlot Rose

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