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Features: Waxplay, rope bondage, pain play with thorns, wine, power play, femdom, nipple clamps, bodypaint, multiple ejaculations, cum eating, cum drinking, vaginal penetration, cunnilingus, blowjobs, dildos, deep kissing.

About the film

How to combine sex magic, pagan celtic imagery, folklore, hypnosis, and witchy power play?  All in a day’s work for Imaginatrix, who wrote this stunning script and improvised the beautiful to-camera/voiceover monologue about choices, pleasure, and shame.

For this winter solstice special, our mutual friend and frequent collaborator Eryn Rose joined us in this dreamy forest group scene, astounding us with just how hard, loud, and often they could cum & squirt. And in their 4th project for Thousand Faces, this time adding wax play, nipple bell clamps, crowns of thorns, crystal dildos, and holly prickles to the rope play and earthy naturism, who can blame them? 

Scarlot Rose also returned to provide their considerable photography skills, as well as acting as runner and fire-builder extraordaire. Cinematography was provided once again by James Westlake.

Featuring Imaginatrix, Eryn Rose, and Marcus Quillan

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