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Human Time (part 1)



About the film

Neen and James show extraordinary generosity through their incredible openness and freedom in front of the camera, giving us a window into their sexual and emotional partnership, as well as their beautiful kink dynamic. Their knowledge of the technicalities and significance of Shibari / Kinbaku rope-play and it’s seamless integration into their passionate interplay creates a showcase of intricate vulnerability, concentration, and abandon.

The voiceover, written and performed by Neen, expresses early interactions with James that involve exploring rope and suspension. Its prose-poetry provides a perfect accompaniment to the more developed relationship we see on screen, offering a startlingly detailed and tender insight into their thoughts and feelings surrounding sex, kink, rope, and emotion.

Featuring James Aphelia and Neen Sever

To watch the full film

Shot during an early UK lockdown, James & Neen allowed a bare-bones 3 person Thousand Faces crew into their ‘bubble’, including amazing cinematographer James Westlake, responsible for the lighting and camerawork on display. Look out for part 2 of this release, featuring further development of this rope session, as Nina and James take things further with suspension, toy-play, and intimate sex.