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Marcus Quillan (@Marcus_Quillan)

The creator of Thousand Faces, Marcus wanted to develop in the UK the kind of work that has inspired him throughout Europe such as is exhibited at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, and the London Porn Film Festival, and their focus on alternative porn. An actor, model, and musician by trade, Marcus produces, directs, composes music, and performs for Thousand Faces, as well as other creators, whilst constantly seeking ideas and collaboration to bring an ever-changing aesthetic to a constant exploration of performance and sex. Read his thoughts on being a male performer here.

Eryn Rose (@ErynRoseModel)

Something of a polymath, Eryn has lit up the worlds of theatre, costume design, art, fetish, and erotic modelling, under various performer names. As a founding member of @2ndSelfEnsemble, having played the lead in the theatre piece Black Beauty in Irons, and helping shape the play through various adaptations, no-one else would do to star in our film based on the show: Unbridled. Eryn is passionate about progressive sexuality, sex workers’ rights, and the power of kink to heal and connect us. They also appear in both parts of our Taste and Flow seriescovered in blackberries and feeling-up the foliage. 

Charlie Ten     (@CharlieTenModel)

A true original in every sense, this vivacious redhead is helping create some of the most unique and interesting work in UK porn today. Her bubbly smile, laugh, personality, and creative spirit lent themselves perfectly to our film London Clown,for which she suggested the story idea and followed through with adorable delight. Find more of her work at and read her interesting thoughts on ethical porn here.

Penny Banks  (@PennyBanksWAM)

A big part of the UK sploshing scene, both professionally and socially, Penny is a kink connoisseur, and loves all things runny and colourful. It was a pleasure shooting with Penny for Taste and Flow, as she handles a waterfall of wine and syrup on the tongue like no other. Find more of her work at

Simon Christopher

A director, producer, writer, and published author, Simon created the show upon which our debut film, Unbridled was based: ‘Black Beauty in Irons’. He has extensive theatre experience as well as a longstanding involvement with the UK kink and fetish scene. Sex and performance, art and porn, kink and identity: all concepts and dichotomies explored in Simon’s work, and that of his @2ndSelfEnsemble theatre company. Simon co-directed Unbridled as well as helping out as a camera operator.

Liz Rainbow   (@Liz_Rainbow)

Well established on the European scene, Liz hails from the alt-porn hotbed of Barcelona, bringing her cheeky smile and sunny disposition along with her on her extensive porn travels. She has worked for many leading fetish and BDSM sites including, often as a deliciously willing sub, but for our film Fitdomme Fantasy she gets to inhabit her dominant side as a dungeon mistress stroke frisky personal trainer.

Chris Cobalt (@ChrisCobaltxxx)

Quickly establishing himself on the UK scene, Chris throws himself into the physicality of his roles, which have often involving a fair amount of kinky punishment, and our Fitdomme Fantasy is no different. We couldn’t have made this film without his unrivalled ability to be a consummate professional and all-round great sport, helping us nail takes involving push-ups in the rain, hanging-crunches in a dungeon, and spankings of many stripes, before nailing the sex scene as his reward!

Rooster (@Rooster_xxx / @Rooster_Hello)

Award-winning non-binary performer of colour, cinematographer, lighting tech, and activist, Rooster is also one of the most notable voices in the industry calling for better ethical standards, transparency, and representation. They have worked internationally with many alternative porn producers and content creators. They are a friendly face seen at many festivals around the world giving talks on their films and on ethical performer rights, voices, and ethical practices both on and off set. Find more of their work here:

Viktoria Varr    (@ViktoriaVarr)

An established performer living in Barcelona, Viktoria is a prolific performer for European filmmakers such as Erika Lust and Ersties. She has been a viking princess, a horny cab passenger sick of online dating, and a female fight club contender. She is also an escort and passionate advocate for sex workers. She will soon appear for Thousand Faces in a film about an escort’s reflections and fantasies. Read her thoughts on working conditions in and outside of the sex industry, and much more, at