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Our debut film is based on a play created by Second Self Ensemble theatre company. As founding members of the company, we at Thousand Faces created the show (called ‘Black Beauty in Irons’) to explore kink, fetish, and BDSM themes from a perspective based firmly within those communities, and specifically through a fictional couple’s experience with animal role-play; more specifically, Ponyplay. We aimed to involve a mainstream audience in a conversation about identity, consent, and alternative forms of expression.

Featuring Eryn Rose (aka Amy Rose) and Marcus Quillan

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Two cute and quirky street performers – a clown and a musician – meet-cute while struggling in the city. Charlie and Marcus do their best busking around the river Thames with varying degrees of success. After some amusing sight-seeing antics, they go back to his place and share their skill-sets as intimately as possible. We wanted to tell a story that shows the struggle involved with creative work, particularly for performers, in the modern city, yet also the solace that can be found in connection with one’s peers.

Featuring Charlie Ten and Marcus Quillan 

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Our fitness instructor Liz isn’t too happy when Chris forgets their appointment and wakes up to her knocking impatiently at his door. Quickly following her out into the rain for their session, her initially reluctant friend and client pushes through the pain-barrier with an unexpected shot of inspiration from an exhaustion-induced daydream about his instructor…before reaping the rewards back at his place after impressing Liz with his enthusiasm.

Featuring Liz Rainbow and Chris Cobalt

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 Real-life escort and porn performer Viktoria leads this story following a week in the life of a typical full-service sex worker, with all its variation, excitement, mundanity, and irritations, focusing on one very special client, who just gets everything right, in and (crucially) out of bed.

Shunning the typically sensationalised media accounts that obscure the nature of sex work in our collective consciousness, here we show the day-to-day details of the job that can be both more and less interesting than other more ‘normal’ vocations, and how when represented accurately, we can all find more in common with each other than we might think, sex workers and non-sex workers alike.

Featuring Viktoria Vaar & Rooster, with Mark Kaye & Marcus Quillan

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A smorgasbord of Vegan Eco Food-Porn, the first part of our Taste & Flow series showcases leafy lust, floral fuckery, and sundappled splashes of juices, fruit, and smoothies, as well as the pleasures of non-penetrative sex. There’s something about a substance on the tongue, the feel and texture of something consumable in our mouths, that is hot as hell and cool as heaven.

Liquid in slow motion is intrinsically sensual and all the more alluring when it evokes our inner workings, gut desires, and alignment with the natural world.

Featuring Eryn Rose & Marcus Quillan

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Moondark, the second part of our Taste & Flow vegan ecoporn series, looks at the darker yet no less beautiful side of nature, both human and environmental. Tactile intimacies explore the visceral, fluid, and primal magnetism of the various morsels that inspire our appetites.


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