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Inspired by alternative, indie, and experimental porn movements, we at Thousand Faces provide brain-food, eye-candy, and intellectual arousal in equal measure. With original music, stunning visuals, quirky themes, and marginalised narratives. We passionately support and promote sex workers of all kinds in all our content.

“Porn is a medium, not a genre.”

Pandora / Blake

This space is also dedicated to the other great artists that inspire Thousand Faces and make the kind of important, gorgeous, mind-blowing work we think the world badly needs. Each of these creators pushes the boundaries of porn and what it means to express artistically through the medium of sexuality, as well as leading progressive movements for sex worker’s rights, queer visibility, and anti-shaming through their work.

Pink & White, Pink Label TV, Crashpad Series, USA

The brainchild of film-guru master-director Shine Louise Houston, and award-winning, gender-queer, alt-performer Jiz Lee, this collection of sites showcases the best in authentic queer porn, alternative gender expressions, and vibrantly diverse sexual practises. They also provide an incredible array of resources for indie porn creators and a hub for all who are interested or involved with the growing worldwide alternative porn scene, providing workshops, essays, festival news, and much more, as well as some of the hottest material you may struggle to find elsewhere. We are honoured to have our films appear on Pink Label TV.

@pinkwhite / @pinklabeltv / @crashpadseries / @ShineLouise / @JizLee

Kate Sinclaire / Ciné Sinclaire, Canada

Ciné Sinclaire documents some of the truest experiences of pleasure available. Their films are created in intimate locations with performers that truly enjoy one another’s company. Much thought has gone into the comfort and boundaries of performers and crew, and the result is some of the most intimate moments of life being caught beautifully on film. Ciné Sinclaire stands for equality and inclusion, and selects its performers based on personal narratives first and foremost. We specifically encourage people of colour and GSM folks to apply to work with us.

Thousand Faces are honoured to have our films appear in the Ciné Sinclaire ‘Guest Directors’ library. /


Bright Desire, Australia

Award winning porn with women in mind, featuring real couples, kinky story lines, and solo scenes with bespoke voice-over by site-creator and director Ms Naughty, for your aural and visual pleasure. Bright Desire is a celebration of sex. It’s a deliberate attempt to show all the good stuff that we love about sex – intimacy, laughter, connection and real pleasure. It’s also about enhancing and exploring fantasy – because our brains are just as important to our sex lives as our genitals. It is “thinking porn” – erotic material that engages your mind as well as your heart and your libido – and “grateful porn”, sexy videos that inspire joy and happiness.

@BrightDesireCom / @MsNaughty

Pandora / Blake, Dreams of Spanking, UK

Through their tireless campaign work on UK porn laws like the Digital Economy Act and the upcoming Age Verification requirement, as well as their sold-out workshops on ethical and how-to DIY porn, Blake manages to mobilise, arouse, and educate in equal measure.  Recently a guest of honour at the London Porn Film Festival showing a retrospective of their work, they are an icon of the alt-porn scene, and their site Dreams of Spanking showcases some of the best examples of ethical BDSM porn made with love, creativity, and happy, hot performers. They are also making great, easily accessible content on their ManyVids channel. / / 

@pandorablake / @dreamsofspanking / @mxpanblake

Petra Joy, UK

Along with her friend and colleague Candida Royale, Petra pioneered a movement putting the female perspective front and centre with her ‘artcore’ porn films. With her 14+ years in the industry, this British director and producer has inspired a generation of content creators wanting to do things differently. Her influence is felt through all of the above creators, including us at Thousand Faces who are honoured to have our films appear on her platforms Cinema Joy. and Couples Cinema alongside luminaries such as Morgana Muses (@Morgana_Muses), Maria Beatty (@MariaBeattyFilm), and Signe Baumane (@SigneAnimated). /

@PetraJoy / @CinemaJoyFilms

A Four Chambered Heart, UK

The beautiful post-porn lovechild of Vex Ashley and her gorgeous porn-family of alternative performers and collaborators. Arguably no better representation exists of porn as a visual and aural art-form. Addressing themes of religion, death, queerness, politics, art history, and horror movies, Four Chambers will become your new favourite crowd-funded porn project.

@fourchambered / @vextape

Sluts 4 Sluts Collective, UK / Worldwide

Sluts4Sluts is a london-based queer porn platform founded in summer 2016 by beautiful genderqueer sex workers, performers, and film-makers DiscoTitts / Andie Macario, Rooster (@Rooster_XXX), and Dion de Rossi (@DionDeRossi). With a host of other core members and collaborators, they produce queer pornography and provide a platform for other independent queer producers. Their work aims to centre sex workers, survivors, People of Colour, as well as trans & non-binary people.  Check out their manifesto and rad porn centring queer, trans, PoC, disabled, neurodiverse & survivor bodies.


Blue Artichoke Films, Holland

Jennifer Lyon Bell directs award-winning, creative erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. Hot, surprising, and intimate. Sex is a giant, beautiful, strange, messy, fascinating, fun and thrilling force of nature. It doesn’t usually look that way in movies. By finding creative ways to show the true thrill of good sex, Blue Artichoke wants to give people the confidence to trust their own desires and to know that not only is nothing wrong with our sexual pleasure, it’s a force for unique self-expression and for connection with the rest of humanity.



altSHIFT is a partnership of two filmmakers with over 15 years’ experience in feature and short films,TV and branded content. They have been creating porn together for other companies for around 10 years. They recently started altSHIFT to utilize our expertise to create alternative porn, moving away from mainstream practices in the industry.

They have a passion to make beautiful, arousing and unusual content. We want to harness our audiences’ progressive understanding and practice of sexuality, moving away from well-worn porn tropes that can create a false sense of ‘real’ sex.

They care about LGBTQ+ stories, kink and BDSM, #MeToo, feminism, ethical non-monogamy, subverting traditional relationship roles, gender fluidity, and the orgasm gap to name a few. They want their porn to turn you on, but also to address the policing of our gender and sexuality.